Starting with the Maps tab, users can create a new map by pressing the New Map button. From here, they can add layers from folders or outside of folders, as well as turn those layers on and off and prioritize them in the table of contents. They can also upload layers directly to the map and edit them by pressing the pencil icon next to the layer. They can change the Options which range from visibility of certain buttons like Screenshare to Allowing Layers to be Downloaded. Lastly, they can change Permissions, choosing from private and public and adding users directly to the map. 

In the Layers tab, users can upload spatial data (in bulk), create blank layers, or use an external tile service URL. By clicking the Free Data button or the Data Catalog tab, users can access a catalog with thousands of free layers. These layers can be directly imported into their Layers or downloaded as a GeoJson. 

In the Galleries tab, users can create map galleries made up of public maps, and change the name and description. They can then share the gallery by copying the URL.

In the Permissions tab, users can add or remove users, as well as add maps or remove maps from users. They can also set expiration dates on maps and choose whether they want the user to be able to read or edit the map.

With the premium package, users have access to our developer APIs. These can be found in the API/Developers page which is linked to in the profile dropdown menu. To see examples, visit