In this video, we look at how to use the newly added advanced styling for labels in a layer. To start, we are in the label editor view, and we head to the styles tab. If we scroll down to labels, we can see all of the styling we are familiar with (size, font, zoom, etc), but now, if you click Show More, the options expand to show several new edits we can add. 

For example, we can set the pitch alignment to be either with the Map, with the Viewport, or Auto, that will determine how the labels are aligned if we decide to tilt the map (Viewport means that the labels will face you even if you decide to tilt the map or change the alignment). You can also set the rotation alignment, as well as edit line height, line spacing, and text anchor locations. In addition, you can set the maximum angle or rotation for the labels as well as add values for padding (spacing between labels) and choose if we want to allow for overlapping, or ignore placement (allow for base map labels to show through). Lastly, we can add a halo to the labels and edit the width/blur of that halo, as well as set values for symbol placement and spacing.