Map Mavin's data visualization toolkit includes a conditional formatting tool that's great for adding clarity and complexity to a given map project. Conditional formatting is exactly what it sounds like: formatting certain features of a layer based on conditions that you set. For example, if you have a layer containing houses and some of the houses are painted blue in real life, you can use conditional formatting to make all of the blue houses' footprints appear blue on your map. To do so you'll first need to be sure that the dataset comprising your layer contains the information you want to highlight, in this case, the color of the houses in the area. To then access the Conditional Styling tool, open the layer (go to the Layers tab in the admin panel and then click on the layer) and click on the bubble icon on the right side of the green bar in the upper left corner of your screen. This brings you to the Data Visualization toolkit from which you'll scroll down to find the Conditional Styling (Classes) tool. To add a new styling rule click Add New Style Rule and select the attribute in question, the condition you would like to set, and the styling that will follow when that condition is met in your layer.