In this video we'll take a look at how editing works in the Map Mavin platform. Learn how existing layers are edited, new ones are created and more.

So how does it work? We've worked hard to make it as simple as possible for you so you don't have to stress anything from the smallest change to large scale projects. To edit a layer, click the Pencil icon next to the respective layer's name (make sure your map is editable or that the person who shared the map with you gave you editing permissions versus read-only permissions). This will bring you into the editing mode for that given layer. You'll see a string of vertices appear; the solid vertices are existing vertices while the transparent ones between them are potential vertices that can be created by clicking on each. Drag the layers as you please to alter the point, line, or polygon with which you are working.

Aside from visually altering vertices, you can also change the attributes behind each feature and even go into the entire attribute table to make edits in spreadsheet format. Be sure to have some sense for the data as changes will be live and affect the entire dataset once posted. 

Please note that changes made are saved and final, meaning that if you were to share the layer/map in the future or download it such changes will be reflected.

Happy mapping!

Update, September 27th, 2018: Editing attributes can be saved at any time with a newly added SAVE button.