You may be wondering, what are the differences between a paid and free user, or between an admin an someone who's been invited to only view a map? This video explains the differences and walks you through each perspective.

Here are the key differences:

- A Basic user is an admin and can use all of Map Mavin's tools and capabilities, including uploading layers, creating web maps, deleting data and entire accounts and more.

- A Premium user has all of the functionality available that a Basic user would as well as far more storage (20 GB, if you'd like to go beyond that please reach out to to discuss customized enterprise plans). Premium users also have access to the API which includes base map vector tiles, static maps and layer tile services.

- A free user(Map Viewer) is able to view and edit (assuming editing permission is allocated by the inviting admin) maps to which he or she has been invited.

What if someone is a paid user but they've been invited to a map and only given limited privileges? For example, you may pay for your account and invite another paying user but not wish for he or she to have full access to your project. In this case, they will see the you to which you've invited them as if they were a free user; i.e. they having viewing privileges but cannot add/remove layers, change the project name, etc.