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Deleted My Workspace by accident

It seems that a workspace is an area that is tied to the graphics that you  add to the map. When the app opens it has something called "My Workspace" and if you save it, on the screen appears two "My Workspace" listings. Then if you delete one, and exit and relogon, you find out that you deleted your workspace and lost all of your work. That's what I did. Which was terrible because I lost hours of work not retrievable. Is there any way to save a workspace to a file, that can be reloaded?

Hi Peter sorry for the delay we didn't get an email notification for this forum post for some reason,

Were very sorry to hear this happened to you! We are planning on adding a confirm dialog before you delete a workspace and an auto save feature to reduce the chance of losing data as of right now you have to hit the save button manually whenever you make changes. Workspaces currently can't be downloaded but if you can modify an actual layer's data and then you can then download the layer as a shape file or KML. In the future we plan on adding the ability to convert a workspaces into actual layers which you could then download. 

Thanks, Maddie

We're going to push live a change to add a confirm workspace delete dialog in a moment

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